"As a global leader in pipeline operation, TransCanada experiences the need for advanced performing technologies on a daily basis. The introduction of a high production, environmentally safe, high integrity metal cladding process for the advanced service protection of pipe interiors, has significant potential and would attract industry wide attention."

Semir Belage, Commercial Manager
Pipeline Supply Chain – Commercial Support

"In my capacity as General Manager of Socotherm, I can confirm the introduction of a high production, environmentally safe, high integrity metal cladding process will have a significant positive impact on a large and growing market application. Socotherm would be pleased to support the CermaClad metalizing development process in any way reasonably possible and upon completion would like to discuss the possibility of executing a licensing agreement or similar relationship."

Giovanni Portesan, General Manager
Socotherm Americas SA

"EMTEC has already recognized the tremendous potential of this technology through its competitive selection for a commercial technology award, and our position as the state supported leader for advanced materials and energy development gives us tremendous perspective on the breakthrough nature, and major market changing potential of this green and clean high power density powder coating technology."

Michael C. Martin, Ph.D.
Vice President, Alternative Energy
Technology Edison Materials Technology Center

"We foresee MesoCoat becoming a dominant force in clean technology, nanocomposite cermet and high power density powder coating metal finishing technologies worldwide."

Bruce Bodger
Managing Director
DemVal, Inc.

"MesoCoat's high energy density fusion cladding technology seems promising and has immense potential in providing cost effective solutions to the corrosion challenges"

George Newkome
University of Akron Research Foundation

MesoCoat’s PComP materials are cost effective replacement form chrome plating which is toxic; and hence is facing increased environmental and health safety regulations"

Lee Poseidon
Venture Partner
Jumpstart Ventures

"While we have lost many of our stalwart companies in the last decade, companies like MesoCoat continue to play a leading role in the research and development and manufacturing of corrosion resistant coatings that helps in saving billions of dollars spent in combating corrosion"

Kevin Coughlin
State Senator
Ohio’s 27th Senate District

"The benefits of extending the corrosion resistance of steel for up to 80-100 years will increase the useful life of roads, bridges, pipelines, ships, buildings, piers, piling, and building projects; and the resulting savings from implementing these technology are estimated to be over $300 billion annually"

Karen Fritschel
Mayor of Stow

"This prestigious Nortech Innovation Award is a fitting tribute to MesoCoat, for it has created new technology that has transformed the region's technology industries through its PcomP family of advanced coating nanoengineered cermets"

Senator Nina Turner
25th Senatorial District

Senator Bill Harris
President of the Ohio Senate

"The accomplishments and consistent successes of MesoCoat Inc. are testaments to what can be done for the lives of others and for our communities. Their path serves as an inspiration to others for what they can achieve with similar, exemplary attitude, dedication and spirit"

Jennifer Brunner
Ohio Secretary of State