Research & Development

Abakan has a relentless focus on Research and Development and both MesoCoat and Powdermet have a history of working on critical R&D; projects for the private and public sectors. The R&D; Divisions are guided by the principles of effective teamwork and respect for the individual. All researchers have free creative rein in their fields of expertise, through which they contribute to the overall strength of the organization. The R&D; staff works closely with sales and operations management teams to establish priorities and effectively manage individual projects. MesoCoat, Inc. engages in a truly broad range of research fields, with further work extending into peripheral areas, as well. We have adopted this approach because we believe that excellent products can be created when a backdrop of diversified sciences and technologies exist.

Our R&D; programs focus on several technology platforms that are the right match for Abakan’s goals and vision. Abakan will continue to invest in innovative materials research, breakthrough product development, and game-changing process engineering to continually enhance customer value while ensuring that we are able to maintain a global leadership position in each of the markets we serve.

Mentioned below are some of the most important recent R&D; projects undertaken by MesoCoat and Powdermet:

  • Advanced materials and CRA Cladding Demonstration plant for Energy, Alternative Energy, Biomass, and Construction Infrastructure
  • Fused nanocomposite claddings for oil and energy applications
  • Fused self-lubricating nanocomposites for Zinc pot roll life extension
  • Microcomposite coatings for advanced heat exchangers
  • Advanced coatings for Infrastructure
  • Demonstration and validation of microcomposite coatings at elevated temperatures for aircraft engine hardware
  • Fused nanocomposite claddings for ultra-super critical coal fired boilers
  • Innovative High Strength Nanostructured Aluminum-Based Composites
  • Aluminum-CNF Lightweight Radiator Components
  • Accumulative Roll Bonding of Ultrahigh Strength Light Alloys
  • Advanced Thermal Barrier Coating Systems for F100 Engines
  • Aerogel Modified Structural Thermal Protection System