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MesoCoat has engaged EWI, the world leader in welding and allied technologies, to accelerate manufacturing scale-up of its CermaClad™ clad pipes. EWI will bring its world-renowned expertise to the project and provide simulation and controls development services to support the development of manufacturing process specifications and non-destructive testing procedures, followed by bimetallic pipe welding and joining process qualification.
PetroBras Signed an 18 month advanced process and development contract for pipe cladding in January 2011. Completed Phase 1 in July, 2 months ahead of schedule. Phase 2 underway and scheduled for completion in early December. Phase 3 would be the construction of a full-scale commercial plant in Brazil.
Department of Energy MesoCoat has license and technology transfer agreement from the DOE; besides working with DOE on 4 critical projects.
DoD has been a project partner with MesoCoat on development projects.
Naval Air Systems Command is an important stake holder for MesoCoat's chrome replacement project.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base is MesoCoat's project partner for 'Fused Nanocomposite claddings for ultra super critical coal fired boilers'.

Tinker Air Force Base is MesoCoat's project partner for 'Advanced Thermal barrier coatings for F100 engines'

EPA funded the initial development efforts for developing silica nitride based microcomposite materials.
Air Force Research Lab is the sponsor for the $1,600,000 Chrome replacement project.
MesoCoat has an exclusive IP Licensing deal with UT Battelle (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) for the High Energy Density fusion Cladding System.
NASA Glenn Research Center
MesoCoat has a Space Act Agreement with NASA to use their 350 KW High Energy Density fusion Cladding System.
Powdermet is MesoCoat's powder manufacturing partner; and is heavily involved with all internal and external projects.
EMTEC is MesoCoat's partner for the $1,792,000 TIP program and several other projects.
University of Dayton Research Institute is MesoCoat's partner for the $1,792,000 TIP program and other Air Force projects.
Case Western Reserve University - Swagelok Center for Surface Analysis
MesoCoat is the consortium partner for the 'Swagelok Center for Surface Analysis of Materials' at Case Western Reserve University'; and also they are MesoCoat's partners on several projects for testing and analysis of materials.
University of Akron Research Foundation
University of Akron Research Foundation is MesoCoat's partner for research and development of novel materials including composites.
DemVal is MesoCoat's partner for several projects mainly related to Air Force.
Polythermics is MesoCoat's partner for the $1,792,000 TIP program and several other projects; along with being a sales partner for oil and gas industry.
National Institute of Standards and Technology awarded a grant of $1,792,000 to MesoCoat and partners under the TIP program to develop 'Advanced coatings for Infrastructure'.