Abakan expects to become a leader in the multi-billion dollar* advanced coatings market as a result of its investment in MesoCoat, Inc. (“MesoCoat”) and other technologies and companies in the future that serve the same market. MesoCoat has the potential to substantially impact the surface engineering and energy management needs of Fortune 1000 companies and government entities. Towards this end, Abakan is actively involved in supporting their R&D;, market development, and commercialization efforts.

Abakan has to date acquired an 87.5% controlling interest in MesoCoat and a 24.1% non-controlling interest in Powdermet (MesoCoat is a Powdermet spin-out). Since Powdermet owns 12.5% of MesoCoat, Abakan’s interest in Powdermet represents an additional 3% indirect interest in MesoCoat.

Investment Strategy

Every new opportunity is evaluated based on several investment criteria’s. Prospective companies must have individual market solutions intended to solve critical industry problems and have the potential to generate at least $100 million in revenue within five years of investment. Most companies that are ultimately included in the Company’s investment portfolio will have more than one market solution. We are therefore restricted to firms that have established R&D; programs, with a preference for firms that have solutions in final stages of R&D; development or in pilot-scale production.

The Company is directing its attention to owners that are willing to accept a multi-phased investment option while guaranteeing operational control. We plan to support these technology-centric R&D; opportunities and investments with our own corporate strategy, market development, licensing and contracted support


Abakan’s ("the Company") mission is to become a leader in the $150 billion metal protection and life extension by assembling controlling interests in a small number of next-generation technology firms. Abakan will support the market development and commercialization efforts of the firms and companies in which it invests by aggressively supporting their research and development, market development, and commercialization efforts. We will also proactively seek out and invest in innovative technology and R&D; firms to expand our share and segment control in the industry.