Dear Abakan/MesoCoat/Powdermet community,

Today I have some very sad news to share with you, our director and close friend Ted Sarniak passed away Friday, July 20th.

Teddy was an amazing human being; he was warm and caring with everyone, totally non-judgemental, a talented entrepreneur, an influential businessman, and most importantly a good friend to so many people of such diverse backgrounds, and I’m lucky to have been one of them. Over the decades I have never known a person that helped so many people in so many ways as Teddy did.

I have had only one other long term friend and business partner pass away. His name was Ricardo Requena. Ricardo, Teddy and I were good friends and with the passing of Teddy, as with the passing of Ricardo, my strongest consolation is the Spanish saying: “Nadie nos quita lo bailado” meaning “Nobody can take away the times we enjoyed together”.

Our sincerest sympathies and respects go to the family and friends he leaves behind, Theodore Sarniak will be missed.

Robert H. Miller, CEO
Abakan, Inc.